Behold My Shiny Biscuits!


As my shiny little Jammie Dodger turned out so well, I thought I should finally finish the other little biscuits that have been lurking for the past year, all grumpy and abandoned, on my workbench.My favourite biscuits when I was little were the very carefully rationed Bourbons and Custard Creams.  Mum used to hide the biscuits in a big unused soup tureen on the top shelf of the cupboard so little hands couldn't reach them.  It makes me happy that to this day, even though both my brother and I have long been tall enough to reach that elusive top shelf, Mum still keeps the biscuits there! Anyway, more tasty research ensued.  I had to get the dimensions just right you see...

Chocolate-Bourbon custard-cream

Then carving the wax into the appropriately scaled down tiny biscuit sizes.  Wax carving is so ridiculously messy - I'm still finding wax dust weeks after I thought I'd hoovered it all away!

Silver-biscuit-charms-work-in-progress Silver-biscuit-charms-work-in-progress-2

Had the little waxes cast into silver, then painstakingly created vector files of the Custard Cream and Bourbon logos (I am a complete Illustrator dunce!) and then etched them into the silver masters.


A bit more hand engraving work on them, then off to the casters for moulding.  I didn't think for a second they were going to work due to the tiny detail, but my casters are both awesome and very patient and they came out so much better than I was expecting!


Still a way to go from here before this stage before they're finished, but eventually this is what they end up looking like:

Sterling silver biscuit charms

I may be biased, but I think they're completely adorable!  Now available to purchase on my website.

I've started work on some custard cream and bourbon cufflinks as well, so watch this space...