Custom Eco-Silver Mini Initial Charms

A previous customer asked if I could make her some baby initial letter charms to be added to her star necklace.  We had a chat about fonts and sizes and decided on Copperplate Gothic at a teeny tiny 7mm in height, with large jump rings added so that the letters could be worn on different chains.  To make the little charms, I had to break out my tiniest sawblades.  I cut the letters from 2mm thick sheet, which gives a lovely, chunky look to the charms.  And I managed to cut out both without breaking a single blade - the sawblade gods were definitely smiling upon me!




Jump rings soldered and all polished up: 


If you would like to commission your very own ethically handmade charm letters, I work in 9ct eco-gold, 18ct eco and Fairtrade gold and recycled sterling silver.  Please do contact me to discuss font options and quotes.