First Ever Show!

On Saturday I had my first ever stall at a show with the E17 Designers at the Walthamstow Garden Party. Exciting! As always, I gave myself far too much to do and ended up working frantically all week trying to finish everything.

As I’ve never had a stall before, I had to start from scratch making a display. I may have been a little overambitious about what I could achieve in a short space of time! I ordered some wall shelves, and made wooden supports for them so they could be clamped upright to the table. They were green. How difficult can it be to paint something that is green white I thought? Turns out, quite difficult! Several trips to my lovely local timber merchant and approximately 500 coats of white paint later, this is how it all turned out:

I found this tablecloth that I made many, many years ago for a roller derby event and, as I had run out of time to order something more sensible, decided it would have to do!

Anyway, after all the panic and nervousness in the run up to Saturday, I had loads of fun on the day. People said lovely things about my jewellery (and my display, hurrah!), I gave out hundreds of business cards and even sold some pieces.

Ended up going back to the Walthamstow Garden Party on Sunday, as it was so busy on Saturday all I got to see was the inside of our marquee.  The festival itself was wonderful! Loads of lovely food (including a sign I spotted advertising confit duck burgers - a candidate for most middle class burger ever award surely!), good music, lots of activities for children and for adults, and a really lovely chilled out atmosphere. It helped that the weather was lovely of course! I hope they do it again next year.

So, now I have my display all ready to go (although it could probably do with another coat or twenty of white paint) I have no excuse not to apply to do more shows and markets. Onwards and upwards!