Shiny Silver Biscuits - the Beginning


I have decided I would like to make tiny little sterling silver biscuits to go with my tiny silver teacup and saucer I've been working on.  Everyone loves biscuits right? To start with, my favourites, a custard cream, a bourbon biscuit and a jammie dodger.

I completely failed to take any work in progress pictures of my jammie dodger.  It was actually quite fun to carve, and I also got to eat a lot of jammie dodgers in the process.  Research, of course!  Mmmmm, tasty research...

Anyway, I did remember to take a couple of pictures of my soon to be silver custard creams and bourbon biscuits whilst they were still in their carved wax state.

sterling silver custard cream charm wax carving  sterling silver bourbon biscuit charm wax carving

Once the basic carvings are back from the casters, I'll need to etch the custard cream design (painfully recreated from a scan of an actual biscuit as a vector file with my extremely limited Illustrator skills) and the bourbon text onto the masters, then make some moulds for casting.  I have no idea if these are going to even be remotely castable, so it will be interesting to see how it works.