Shiny Teacups

I've finally finished my teacups, hurrah! You may recall I had started some wax carving projects last year, one of which was this little teacup charm.

IMG_4556 IMG_4558 Silver teacup charm work in progress

I got distracted by other shiny things for a while, but now the castings have been polished up and the teacups have been set with a little smokey quartz 'tea' gemstone.  Okay, so it's a very dark tea colour, but it's actually quite difficult to find a gemstone the colour of tea!


Silver gemstone tea cup charm Silver teacup and saucer charm

I also decided to make a chunky little teacup ring from the castings as well, which I rather like.

Silver tea cup ring Silver gemstone tea cup ring 1 Silver smoky quartz teacup ring

If you like my little teacups as much as I do, you can find them here on my website.