Sterling Silver Allen Key Necklace

This lovely (and slightly unusual!) commission saw me creating a little allen key from solid sterling silver.  A special birthday present, and also celebrating a pregnancy, the allen key had a lovely story behind it and the birthday girl was very pleased. It was actually not too complicated to make – I simply made a mould of the correct size allen key and cast into sterling eco-silver.  The polishing was the tricky bit! Various grades of sandpaper used on a steel flat plate to create a high shine, with just a final buff on the polishing wheel so as not to soften the hex edges of the key.

Whilst it came out perfectly and the boy was all “oh, it just looks like a really shiny allen key”, it won’t actually work to undo bolts as silver is far too soft a metal, so the necklace is purely decorative.

If you would like to order something a bit different, I love creating custom jewellery.  Just send me an email to discuss your requirements and budget.