A Tiny Silver Teacup


As I've previously mentioned, I really struggle with 3D things.  I see them in my head, but my poor silly brain can't cope with translating the thing in my head into a physical form.

So, I've set myself a little challenge of making a series of charms using wax carving.  If I don't practice, I'm never going to get better at it, right?

I'm starting with a tiny teacup and saucer, as it's a design I've wanted to do for a while.

Starting with the initial marking and filing away the basic shape.

IMG_4551   IMG_4554

Carving away more of the wax to get the shape I was after. I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do with the handle at this stage, so I sent the wax off to the caster with a strip of wax left where I wanted the handle to be, then pierced and carved it from the silver master.

IMG_4556  IMG_4558

And here it is!  First picture is the rough cast, second is refined and sanded ready for moulding and reproduction.

Silver teacup charm work in progress  Silver teacup charm WIP-2

Totally forgot to take any work in progress pictures of the little saucer, sorry.

I'm actually pretty chuffed with how this turned out.  I can't wait to get them back from the caster and get them all polished up!