Friendship Necklaces for Twin Sisters


This was such a lovely commission to work on.  I was asked to make an interlocking silver friendship necklace as a first Christmas present for twin sisters.  The idea was that a moon and a cloud would each be individual necklaces that fit together (the girls’ names are Skye and Luna – beautiful!) for them to wear when they are older. To make this I got to play with my wax carving tools again.  In the past couple of years, I’ve gone from avoiding wax carving (mostly because I found it really difficult) to really liking it.  I can’t decide if it’s overtaken cutting things out of silver with tiny sawblades as my new favourite thing.

Anyway, wax.  And pointy things.  Work in progress, then ready to cast into recycled sterling silver.

And ready to cast into recycled eco-silver:

As there is a small amount of shrinkage when wax is cast into silver, it was a challenge to make sure these necklaces fitted together, but I love how they turned out – especially the moon texture.  I’m definitely going to be playing with wax texture and craters some more!