One of the questions I am most commonly asked by visitors to my website is "...but do you have any pictures of it being worn..?" This is definitely something I need to work on for my site. A few weeks ago, a friend I skate with at rec league asked if anyone was interested in helping out at a photoshoot for a very cool book she's doing on roller derby fashion. I offered my services as photography assistant in the hope that I could (a) learn some stuff about photography and (b) sneak my jewellery into some shots.

And here are the results:

[nggallery id=2]

I think they turned out really well. The jewellery isn't super-clear, as necklaces have a tendancy to move around a bit, but you definitely get the idea of what the jewellery looks like on, right?

Many thanks to Ellen for letting me hijack her shoot, to for the pictures and the patience, and to my gorgeous rollergirl models, Anna, Danelle and Erin.