New Cloud Jewellery


I'd been working on some new shiny weather last year, but have only just found the time to photograph it. I liked the idea of taking the double cloud design from my large raincloud necklace and translating to a smaller version.

So, we have some new stud earrings:

Silver and diamond rain cloud stud earrings

   Silver mini cloud rain stud earrings-2 IMG_3412

And a new raindrop version (I may have mentioned previously how much I like dangly earrings...)

Sterling silver rain cloud earrings blue topaz drops

Sterling silver rain cloud earrings blue topaz drops  IMG_3408

And a delicate little rain cloud necklace:

Sterling silver mini rain cloud earrings and necklace-4  Sterling silver rain clouds blue topaz necklace-3

I've used sky blue topaz for the raindrops on these, rather than the darker London blue topaz I usually use.

There's also a little pair of London blue topaz mini cloud drop earrings, which are much less dangly:

Silver tiny raincloud earring

Silver mini rain cloud earrings  IMG_3411-2

I'll have them up for sale on my website in the next couple of weeks.

New stuff.  Exciting!