New Neon Art Jewellery

My recent necklace based on the wonderful Gods Own Junkyard enter sign also gave me the idea for some more neon art inspired jewellery in sterling silver. Wax carving tools back out on the bench, I started off carving little slices from the block to make some little wood planks. Have I mentioned how messy wax carving is? The little shavings and dust get absolutely everywhere. My Loki cat attempted to sit on my lap in the middle of carving and instantly covered himself in a layer of wax dust, so I had to brush it all out of his fur. He is now banned from the room when I’m working from home!

Anyway, after the little squares are carved and engraved with wood texture, I cut out the little ‘neon’ shapes and attached them.  Quite tricky that bit, as the wax is very fragile when it's thin.  This is how they looked before casting:

And after, when they had all been polished up.

I wanted the neon shapes to contrast with the silver background, so decided to have them gold plated. Cue my most hated job in the workshop – painting things with stop out varnish! Honestly, this varnish really is the worst.

They turned out so well after plating though, I’m really pleased with them.

The new collection, which I’m calling Electric Dreams, will launch at the Walthamstow Garden Party on 15 July with the necklaces starting from £90 and matching earrings from £40. I will have very limited quantities, so if you like them come and visit me early!