Oh Hi There December

December last year was so much chaos, I put in place much earlier cut off times for Christmas orders this year and have been way more organised. I've even put up some decorations, which was quite exciting. Last year's festive decor involved half heartedly hanging some sparkly penguins in the window and that was about it! This year we have a very small tree. It's a compromise because I wanted a fake tree, as I think it's really sad every January when you see the piles of dying trees lying on the street waiting for the recycling, but the boy wanted a real one. So, we have a tiny 2 foot high tree, in a pot, which we will give to a friend after Christmas to look after, as I am rubbish with plants at the best of times and the likelihood of me keeping an outdoor tree alive in the flat is nil.

So, here's my little tree with some tiny lights, and with some sparkly and slightly bonkers baubles:

I've even had time to do some festive baking, more of which later...