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A Sad and Belated Hello to 2019

Greetings lovely readers and a belated welcome to a brand new year. I hope your 2019 is going better than mine.

At the beginning of January, traditionally I take a reflective look back at the year. At my successes and failures, the things I have learned and my plans for the future. Whilst procrastinating filling in my tax return, obvs.

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Merry Christmas!

And we’re done, phew! Last orders posted out, Christmas presents purchased and fairy lights up.

The boy is out on yet another work Christmas do this evening, so I have poured myself a prosecco and will be chilling out with the cats in front of a Christmas movie. Or Die Hard. Which may or may not be a Christmas movie depending on which side you take in the annual Twitter argument about this.

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Rome in a Day - A Travel Guide

A few weeks ago, the boy and I went on holiday. It was much needed. I have been spending so much time trying to juggle everything - working on the house, my day job and running my business, as the boy has been super-busy studying for important work things for the past year or so - that I was a little burned out.

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