Merry Christmas!

And we’re done, phew! Last orders posted out, Christmas presents purchased and fairy lights up.

The boy is out on yet another work Christmas do this evening, so I have poured myself a prosecco and will be chilling out with the cats in front of a Christmas movie. Or Die Hard. Which may or may not be a Christmas movie depending on which side you take in the annual Twitter argument about this.

Anyway, thank you to all my lovely customers this year for supporting small, independent businesses. We couldn’t survive without you.

The boy and I are heading back to mine for Christmas this year, which will be lovely. My brother has persuaded me into the Christmas Day sea swim, which I’m slightly terrified about.

Really looking forward to some relaxing times with the boy - we have so many exciting plans for 2019 and I am feeling super-positive about working less hours and focusing more on jewellery and fun stuff. Having some wonderful holidays this year has really reset the balance and I’m looking forward to more travels next year.

If I don’t die of hypothermia after plunging into the English Channel, I’ll see you on the other side!