Christmas Chaos!


Yes, I know every year I say I'll be more organised in the run up to Christmas, but every year I fail! This year, I decided to rebuild my entire website a couple of months before Christmas.  That was silly.  I spent so long having a nervous breakdown over Wordpress, I was frantically making orders and posting them out right up until December 20th.

I finally did my Christmas shopping and put up decorations the day before Christmas Eve!  Didn't get round to getting a tree this year, so I put up ALL the lights instead.

Here's some fairy lights in a vase:

I managed to make the cuckoo clock look even more mental:

And my ultimate triumph:

This piece of gorgeous tropical bird fabric was a gift from the boy's auntie. She's an interior designer and makes the most amazing curtains and I fell in love with this fabric when we helped her move workshop. The birds are a combination of applique fabric and embroidery with sparkly threads and it's just brilliant! I'd stretched the fabric over a canvas and stapled it, then I found these amazing lights for half price in the Habitat sale - the colours and shapes went perfectly with the birds.

The boy initially despaired (his first reaction was "Oh god, my eyes!") but I think I've won him over to its awesomeness and will be allowed to keep the lights after Christmas, hurrah!

I also managed to go home to Jersey for a far too brief weekend with my mum just before Christmas, which gave some much needed relaxation.  Mum had left putting up the tree so I could help as I don't have one of my own this year.  My mum is the best!

Here is the tree:

We were checking all the old lights that have been on the tree since we were kids.  This set of alarmingly demonic decapitated Santa heads used to scare me when I was little.  Eeeeeevil Santa!

All I need to do now is pick up the turkey and buy a few last minute food bits, and await the arrival of the boy's lovely family.

Merry Christmas!