New Custom Work


Phew, survived Christmas unscathed!  Chrismas dinner was nice, almost on time, and I didn't poison anyone with the turkey.  The less said about my doomed from the very start Christmas cake, however, the better... Also I can now share some custom orders/pressies that I made for people, as (hopefully) they'll have received them by now.

A silver initial letter 'T' in my gothic font:

Custom silver initial necklace gothic T-2  Custom silver inital necklace T-2

A custom roller derby necklace with skate number and black spinel gemstone:

Silver custom roller derby skate number necklace-2

And a Christmas present for my mum, made to match the earrings I made for her 60th birthday:

Silver baroque pearl necklace 4  Silver baroque pearl necklace 3

And a pair of earrings for someone at work, with little garnet stones:

Silver baroque stud earrings

The photography was done on my iphone, so it's rubbish I'm afraid, but I didn't have time to get out my proper camera and lights before I had to send everything out.

I've also done another couple of custom orders that I can't share just yet...