Maria Tash Piercing at Liberty London

I was lucky enough to get a very special Christmas present this year. As we've had a somewhat trying few months, the boy wanted to treat me to something I'd really love and, as he often complains it's impossible to buy jewellery for a jeweller, he was delighted when he found out I'd been coveting one of Maria Tash's beautiful diamond piercings. Now that Maria Tash has a permanent piercing studio in Liberty, which is one of my very favourite buildings in London, it's all too easy to pop in and admire the glorious sparkles. The piercing studio is located within the gorgeous jewellery hall at Liberty, but all of the glitter and luxury doesn't come at the expense of hygiene. Behind the scenes, the piercing rooms are as surgically clean and sterile as you would expect from a professional piercing establishment.

The boy had booked me an appointment and, after some negotiation (he is into minimalism, I am emphatically not), I opted for a tragus piercing with a little rose gold and diamond star. I was stabbed with a needle by the lovely Kevin, who has one of the sparkliest faces I've ever seen, and it really only hurt for a second or two. I was sent on my way with detailed aftercare advice and couldn't stop looking at the twinkling star in my ear for the rest of the day.

It's actually really difficult to take an in-focus photograph of your own ear, so please excuse gurning facial expression!

I'm now saving up and plotting my next Maria Tash ear adornment. Thinking diamond or opal daith hoop perhaps...