Shiny Moustaches


You've been asking for them, and here they are! (Well, almost...) Ever since I made a pair of custom moustache wedding rings way back in 2010, swiftly followed by a little moustache charm and a ring, I've been meaning to make more things with this little 'tache design as they're so cute!

Sterling silver moustache rings

I've had a moustache charm on my website since its launch, which has been pretty popular, and a ring, but I also fancy making some earrings and maybe some cufflinks and anything else I can think of putting moustaches on really!

Silver moustache charm Silver tiffany bracelet with moustache charm

Recently I've been getting a ton of requests for more moustache jewellery in silver and gold (it's weirdly been one of the top search terms on my website for the past year or so). So, I'm finally getting off my bum and making some more things with the designs that have been living in my sketchbook forever!

Here's a work in progress shot of my moustache castings - the finished shiny moustaches should be ready for photographing soon....