Silver Circus Light Initial Pendant

My epic wax carving project is still in progress, but has wound up inspiring a whole new collection of shiny things and a lot more carving! I carved these circus style font initials, then cast into recycled sterling silver, and set with sparkly gemstones for the lights. This is how they started:

I made the mistake of drilling the holes for all the gemstones after casting into metal, which with hindsight was foolish. 2.5mm thick wax is much easier to drill through than 2.5mm thick solid metal! Who knew...

Here all the holes have been drilled, and tiny bits of silver tubing cut and soldered in to set the stones. The spacing is a little bit wonky, but as this is my prototype (and oh look, it's my own initial - how fortunate!) I'll just have to keep it for myself. The next one I'll definitely drill the holes in the wax before casting, so they'll be perfectly spaced.

I'm really pleased with my little circus light necklace, even with it's slightly wonky stones! I've added a long chain to it and can see myself wearing it often.


The little E17 wax carving I turned into a more simple circus letter necklace - with just three gemstones set into it.  This is going to be part of a display for the E17 Arts Trail with E17 Designers at Stow Brothers estate agents. The Arts Trail is on from 3 - 18 June and there are lots of amazing things to see - come and visit us in the depths of East London!

These necklaces will be made to order, as each initial will need to be wax carved, cast, polished and gem set by hand. I'm hoping to get them up on the website to order in the next couple of months, so keep an eye out.