Solid gold star necklace

My lovely friend turned 40 this month and I wanted to make her something a little bit special to mark the occasion. For many years, she wore a simple, delicate gold chain with a tiny emerald strung on it pretty much every time I saw her, but it had recently broken.

Whilst I didn’t want to just make a copy of her favourite necklace, I wanted to create something that she might love just as much, so I cast a little solid gold star from recycled eco-gold, then strung it on a similarly delicate gold chain, finishing it off with a tiny, ethically sourced emerald.


I put up some work in progress shots of the setting on my Insta stories, as people always tell me how much they like seeing how things are made - I must do that more often!


I’ve had a lot of people email me about this necklace since I posted it on Instagram! If you’d like to commission something similar, please contact me to discuss options.