Fancy Box Design

I think I may have finally made a decision on my endless packaging dilemma. I have been reading about how, as a jeweller, how you present yourself and your brand is super-important, which is something I've been giving more thought to as I've been messing about with my website. I've been looking at some quite nice pink and black boxes, but when it came down to investing in logo printing on them, I just couldn't quite commit, as I wasn't 100% happy with them. After much dithering, I decided I was going to get some custom made leather boxes, but after pricing it all up, it was just way too expensive and I couldn't quite justify the cost.

Some more dithering has finally brought me to the idea of having the design I use for the background of my banner and website foil printed in high gloss black onto a matte black box, with a little gold keyhole printed on the front of the box.

I have faffed about with photoshop and come up with this not terribly professional mockup of how I want them to look:

Box demo copy

Box demo copy

And yes, I am aware that graphic design is not one of my strengths, thank you...

But hopefully this will give the nice box people a visual idea of what I'm after, as I'm rubbish at explaining stuff without pictures. Hopefully they can do it...