Old Project, New Photography - Silver AFI Jewellery

For many years I have been very fond of a band called AFI. I made these silver necklaces some time in 2003, inspired by the gorgeous artwork on the cover of their album, Sing the Sorrow (one of my favourite albums of all time). There was a whole collection of symbols and I originally planned to make a necklace for each, but I imagine my short attention span got distracted by some other shiny thing, so only ever got round to making these two.

The inside shapes of the necklaces were pierced from sterling silver sheet, then soldered into a large ring hammered from silver wire. I remember them taking rather a long time to make!

Haven't worn them in forever, but came across them in my jewellery box and thought I'd take some pictures, which came out rather well. Here they are:

I'm still not entirely sure about using this acrylic star as a photography prop. I rather like it as a way to display necklaces, but worry that the lights and shadows detract from the jewellery.

Anyway, must wander back to current shiny project, namely making new collection with which to wow Liberty's buying team...