Am Still Baking Genius

I must confess, I am having rather a lot of fun with my new bread maker. I am so very rock and roll... It was with some trepidation that I attempted a granary loaf, having been told they can be a bit hit and miss in bread makers, but look...

How marvellous! A perfect loaf of bread with bits in.

On a roll now, I then had a bash at rye bread, as the machine comes with a special knobbly blade thingy with which to make rye type things. And tada!

Okay, so it doesn’t look terribly impressive this one, but rye bread is supposed to resemble a brick. Honest...

Anyway, it was rather lovely, especially toasted, cut into soldiers and dipped in boiled egg.

Appear to have become somewhat of a bread fiend now. Hurrah for carbs!